​​New York must lead the way in protecting our communities and natural resources. We need to bring more clean energy projects to our district such as solar, wind, and geothermal. These alternative energy sources will reduce local greenhouse gas emissions, preserve the environment and create green jobs.

We need to move away from natural gas and I am against fracking and nuclear power, but we need to be sure there are jobs in the communities that are losing nuclear power plants. These areas need to replace existing jobs in the nuclear sector with new jobs created by implementing alternative energy sources.

Our district has plenty of open space for solar farms, and mountains and valleys for wind power. We also need to preserve our wetlands and local waterways to maintain a healthy environment for plants, wildlife and people.

I support:

  • investing in the development of geothermal, solar thermal, and other forms of renewable heat, geothermal energy, hydrogen energy, and ocean energy.

  • the development of conservation and energy efficiency programs and making them more available to individual homes, businesses and government buildings.

  • the development of new transmission corridors and micro-grids as important infrastructure tools for grid resiliency, saving ratepayers money, and stimulating local energy production.

  • Increasing the use of energy efficient public transportation and to encourage their use with low or free fees.

  • Tax incentives for buying energy saving vehicles and freight trucks.

  • Increase the use of bicycle and walkways.


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