NY State Assemblyman Kieran Lalor's Voting Record

The information collected here can be found at votesmart.org and nyassembly.gov

Voting details can be found at:  https://justfacts.votesmart.org/candidate/key-votes/110320/kieran-lalor

“Marriage is an institution that has served civilization well for all of recorded human history. We should not fundamentally alter the definition of this institution merely because well-funded, politically correct special interest groups led by self-important celebrities want to do so. I support traditional marriage.”  ...  Lalor’s Statement on “Issue Position: Culture & Liberty – VoteSmart.org


Kieran Lalor spends most of his time in the Assembly VOTING AGAINST bills that help working class families and the people of the 105th AD. Here is a list of what he has VOTED AGAINST each year:

2020 Voted AGAINST

  • Authorizes ballots to be postmarked on election day

  • Authorizes absentee voting due to risk of contracting a disease

  • Prohibits use of glyphosate on state property

  • Prohibits the suspension of driver's licenses due to inability to pay traffic tickets or fines

  • Prohibits civil arrest without a judicial warrant of individuals going to, remaining at, or returning from a court proceeding

  • Amends criminal procedure laws to waive certain surcharges and fees for defendants under the age of 21

  • Establishes the Law Enforcement Misconduct Investigative Office

  • Requires police officers to provide medical and mental health attention when needed by a person under custody

  • Authorizes disclosure of law enforcement disciplinary records

  • Requires courts to compile and publish data on misdemeanors and violations and law enforcement departments on arrest-related deaths

  • Authorizes suspending the forfeiture of unemployment benefits during the COVID-19 state of emergency

  • Requires law enforcement officers to report weapon discharges to their superior

  • prohibits police officers from using racial and ethnic profiling

  • authorizes a moratorium on utility termination of services during periods of pandemics and or state of emergencies

  • Extends eviction protections for tenants during emergency shutdowns

  • Appropriates funds for housing relief during the COVID-19 emergency

  • Appropriates funds for a response to the COVID-19 coronavirus

  • Requires housing providers to make reasonable accommodations for the use of an animal to alleviate symptoms of a disability

  • Amends various criminal procedure laws to waive certain surcharges and fees for defendants under the age of 21


2019 Voted AGAINST

  • Prohibits retail stores from using plastic bags

  • Extends voter registration cutoff – extends dates of acceptance for change of enrollments

  • Authorizes voter pre-registration

  • Establishes early voting period

  • Requires the board of elections to transfer the registration and enrollment of a vote to wherever they move in the state

  • Prohibits an employer, licensing agency, employment agency or labor organization from subjecting any individual to harassment

  • Prohibits the harassment of rent regulated tenants

  • Prohibits discrimination based on gender identity or expression

  • Allow the issuance of extreme risk protection orders if requested by certain individuals - prohibiting a person who is at elevated risk of harming themselves or others from purchasing or possessing a firearm, rifle, or shotgun

  • Expands state aid for higher education to undocumented children

  • Reduces amount of time workers on strike must wait to collect unemployment benefits

  • Establishes parameters and conditions for exemptions to presidential pardons

  • Amends state law regarding the release of presidential tax returns upon Congressional request

  • Increases the age to buy tobacco and vaping products to 21

  • Establishes a healthcare budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year:  reduces payment costs for low income and elderly patients of both Medicare and Medicaid to $0 (Part A, Sec. 1)

  • Requires Internet Service Providers to comply with net neutrality rules

  • Prohibits 3D printed firearms

  • Increases penalties for improper gun storage

  • Prohibits firearms on school campuses for school employees other than security officers

  • Extends background check regulations for purchase of firearms

  • Establishes a firearm buyback program

  • Prohibits Exemption from Vaccinations Based on Religious Beliefs

  • Establishes patient protections from emergency care charges

  • Increases state rental protections and stabilization rules, establishing the permanency of rent regulations dating back to 1969 that previously depended on renewal every 4 to 8 years

  • Authorizes driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants

  • Authorizes foster care adoptees to have contact with their parents

  • Increases the number of speed cameras in school zones


2018 Voted AGAINST

  • Prohibits individuals convicted of domestic abuse from purchasing firearms

  • Authorizes medical marijuana for opioid-use disorder

  • Authorizes the health commissioner to take appropriate enforcement action when notice and demand for lead poisoning are not complied with

  • Establishes New York Health Plan

  • Requires convictions for possessing a small amount of marijuana to be sealed from public record

  • Prohibits auto lenders from remotely disabling a vehicle without first giving notice of the disabling to the debtor


2017 Voted AGAINST

  • Authorizes an inmate to make at least one personal phone call within 24 hours of being transferred from one correctional facility to another

  • Specifies that cigarette legislation shall apply to electronic cigarettes


2016 Voted AGAINST

  • Requires employers to provide paid family leave


2015 Voted AGAINST

  • Prohibits the State from denying access to abortion services

  • Prohibits an employer from paying wages to an employee at a rate less than an employee of the opposite sex, or an employee of a different race or national origin for equivalent work, except in certain circumstances.

  • Establishes annual teacher evaluation program

  • Classifies conversion therapy on minors as professional misconduct


2014 Voted AGAINST

  • Requires equal pay

  • Amends worker paid leave laws to expand benefits expanding insurance benefit payments for an employee’s disability compensation resulting from injury, sickness, pregnancy, or “family care leave”

  • Requires the President to be elected by popular vote

  • Authorizes early voting

  • Prohibits workplace discrimination based on an employee's reproductive health decision making

  • Requires certain agencies to consider climate change effects for state-funded projects

  • Authorizes Nassau and Suffolk counties to operate photo speed violation monitoring systems in school zones

  • Authorizes the city of Albany to establish a demonstration program for red light cameras


2013 Voted AGAINST

  • Extends worker's benefits to farm laborers

  • Establishes a two-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing

  • Increase the minimum wage to $9

  • Establishes secure ammunition and firearms enforcement - expands the definition of a prohibited "assault weapon," increases penalties for crimes committed with guns, requires background checks for private gun sales, establishes a statewide gun registration database, and prohibits gun ownership by mentally ill patients

  • Requires hospitals to establish policies and procedures regarding domestic violence including training programs for all hospital employees and coordinating services to victims


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